Highly Experienced and Professional Training Team

Our highly experienced professional training team brings a broad range of skill and experience to work for our clients. Our emphasis on partnerships with our associates ensures that we can provide the best expertise to our clients to meet their specific requirements.

Instructors of Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy

The instructing and support staff at Arnold Bros. Transport Academy bring a broad diversity of industry and educational experience. The instructors have a track record of success in developing and delivering quality instruction and coaching to students.

Most of all, they bring a passion for excellence. We believe that it is not enough merely to present information. We feel that we are not successful unless our students are successful. Our students aren't successful unless they leave with new knowledge along with a sense of the need to take responsibility for continuing the learning process for ongoing success.

Our academy staff share one common quality. They each have a commitment to seeing people develop themselves to the best of their ability. Our skilled and trained staff knows that the right education and preparation are the keys to career success.

Bruce Weimer

Mr. Bruce Weimer is the General Manager and Senior Instructor at Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy. He has a demonstrated history of providing high quality instruction to the highway transportation industry in Manitoba. With over 20 years of experience in the delivery and design of driver training programs - both in class and over the road - Mr. Weimer has shown a high level of commitment to his students and to the success of the organizations that employ them.

Mark Crielaard

My passion for trucks began in 1980, when I started driving commercial straight trucks. In 1991 I got my Class 1 Licence, during tractor/trailer in the city for two and a half years before spending ten years on the highway. My passion for teaching began in that time, as I found teaching other drivers the things that I had learned from my experiences was rewarding. I had driven through forty-eight states and nine provinces and saw the need for a more educated driver.

I spent eighteen months working in Safety and Compliance and place a high value on safety, but felt that I could have the greatest impact on safety in the trucking industry by educations today's new professional drivers.

In 2004 I obtained an Instructors Permit and also got involved in the Manitoba Trucking Association, in particular the Professional Truck Driving Championships. One of my proudest moments as an Instructor was when one of my students won the New Driver of the Year Award at the Championships.

I feel that as an Instructor I am able to give back to the industry all that it has given me.

Dave Greschuk

I have been involved in trucking for most of my life, having been born into a family run trucking business in the road-construction industry. In those early years, prior to acquiring my class 1 license in 1980, I had the opportunity to learn about the importance of and assist with the general maintenance and repair procedures.

In construction, I hauled in a variety of aggregates; asphalt, mud and snow, as well as gained winter road driving experience. I moved on from construction to moving a variety of commodities locally, regionally and in long haul operations in Canada and parts of the US, running as both a single driver and as a team. I have pulled pup trailers, 45, 48 and 53ft vans, hauling truckload and LTL freight, refrigerated freight and have hauled machinery and steel loads on flat beds.

I am certified to pull extended length vehicles of which I later became certified to teach and I maintain that certification to present. Over the years I have seen a lot of change and improvements in equipment engineering and computer based technology which helped transform the workhours of yesterday into the modern day equipment we are privileged to operate in and still learning about today as it evolves at a faster pace than ever before. I became involved in safety and training with an international carrier in 1992 and obtained my class 1 and 3 driver training certificate in 2001 and began providing theoretical classroom instruction with MTIEAC for potential new professional drivers. In 2003 I was given the opportunity to provide practical in-cab instruction with Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy, a role in which I am proudly and actively still invoiced in today.

For me, training and sharing experience is my way of giving back to an industry that has been good to me over the years and taught me so much. It is still gratifying to see students work for and succeed in their chosen profession, and to know that we as trainers are able to impact their lives and provide them with the tools and basic knowledge in which to build a solid foundation of learning to assist in building a long, successful and rewarding career in the trucking industry.

Peter Letkeman

I was a transport driver since 1962. While working as a Highway Supervisor I saw a need for good drivers. I became an instructor in 1991 and helped to develop a curriculum for a Driving School. I believe that is where I found my gift as a Class 1 instructor, to teach those who wanted to drive truck, wanted a career change or to upgrade their license to haul a RV. In my years of instructing I have taught 2nd and 3rd generation.

It gives me great pleasure to see a student obtain their Class 1 license and go on to be a safe driver and perhaps become an owner operator. I am rewarded again when I meet former students and hear them, with pride, tell how they have been able to provide for their families and move forward in life.

Daniel Reimer

I was born into a small community south of Winnipeg in 1956. My father worked as a mechanic and machinist and owned his own shop since the late 70's.

When I turned 18, I was offered a job driving gravel truck. I paid 5 dollars for a chauffeur's license and that made me qualified to drive all trucks. I learned many lessons the hard way.

I have driven for many companies in my early years. I then started working for Penner International in 1986. I worked 8 years as a company driver and then 3 years as an owner-operator.

After that, I worked in my dad's shop for 3 years, all while still making trips for Penner.

Trucking was in my blood, so I started driving for an owner operator at Canada Safeway for a period of 6 years.

In 2006, because of commitments in the church, I changed my career from long distance to local and soon started truck driver training. After 9 years, the company I was working for, was sold. Because I enjoyed what I was doing and saw all the successful careers I helped nurture, I inquired at Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy.

I believe that my many years in the trucking, mechanical and driver training fields will be helpful in my career for Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy and helpful for the students I train.

I enjoy my time at Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy and look forward to the future.

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