Classroom/Learning Environment

The Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy delivers the classroom component of the Entry Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program over a period of 80 hours (10 business days). The information presented uses lecture methods and Power Point presentations that follow the textbook supplied to the students. An array of related informational video material augments the information presented in the Classroom environment.

The Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy classroom is equipped with a fully functioning Air Board and Brake Stand. Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy has “cut away” brake components that allow students to have a better understanding of those same components on a tractor-trailer. The Air Brake components in the Academy classroom give students a “hands on” experience without being in the truck. The Air Brake knowledge gained in the Academy classroom, will be further enhanced and embedded during the In-cab Practical component. The students will also receive various handouts that provide essential information regarding the Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection and Air Brake Inspection. These handouts provide guidelines and develop patterns for inspecting all necessary components of the tractor-trailer as specified in Schedule One of the National Safety Code.

A list of industry related websites is also included in the handouts. These websites are an endless supply of industry information for both Canada and United States of America.

The Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy classroom environment offers an interactive experience with a competent instructor who is ready to answer questions. This type of opportunity will provide clarity for the new Professional Class 1 Truck Driver. Open discussion and questions are indispensable when learning about a new career and about the equipment that student truck drivers will operate over the open road, down a local truck route or at customer sites.

The Academy has been in operation for over 16 years and has had previous students stop in for a visit from time to time. Our previous students will relate their learning experience with real world over the road knowledge. These events offer proof of our history of success and provide insight into the life of a Professional Class 1 Truck Driver.

The skills and knowledge gained when attending the Entry Level Professional Truck Driver Program offered by Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy are transferable to city driving, local driving, regional driving and long haul driving. The Academy prepares you for the Transportation Industry no matter where you find yourself working in the future.

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